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In Australia, the ‘long paddock’ is a colloquial term for stock routes or roadside areas used to feed sheep and cattle during droughts or to move them to markets. The grassy verges beside the roads were often much wider than they are today to accommodate grazing stock.   

‘TH long paddock’ seemed the perfect name for our blog, T for Tim & H for Helen, and we love to travel the roads of Australia exploring this amazing country. 

You can find details of our Caravan and tow vehicle on the Our Rig page.

Hope you enjoy following our adventures as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.


Helen and Tim

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Happy driving or is the better word ‘drove’ either way you are in for a trip of a lifetime.

  2. Watching the sun, a glowing ball of gold disappearing over the horizon, the sky changing from blue to pink and mauve then to deep midnight blue filled with the light of billions of sparkling stars that go on endlessly into the night sky puts life and how amazing this small blue planet is into perspective.

  3. Love the Zoo,
    great photography too,
    good to see they have endangered species there,
    i.e, the Hybrid Species, I’d say its very rare.
    Haven’t seen it on Attenborough
    He is usually very thorough.

  4. Hi just thought you might like a spot in Sydney ,Wanderest Travellers park Richmond Non powered free power $10 A cite worth looking at Caravancaravan.com is where this came from. Loving watching your travels keep safe all our love

  5. Thanks for letting us know about your blog. Fantastic photography!! Hope you have a safe journey and we look forward to seeing you in Brisvegas xxxxx much love from Maree and Graham

  6. The green tinge I have had creeping over my body since you left is becoming intensely verdant as I see more of your photos and read more of your posts!! How many k’s have you done so far?

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