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A Different Adventure

Today we were to head off for our 11 month road trip to explore the west coast of Australia, a trip that has been in the planning for over a year now. But that will have to wait until 2018 because life had other plans for us, like building a new home.
At lunch time on Christmas Eve our fuse box caught fire, very quickly our house caught fire and now we are living in our caravan at the back of our house while the contents of our home are emptied into skips and taken to the tip.

At some point in the near future a portion of the front of our house will be demolished, the entire roof replaced, support beams in the roof replaced, the inside stripped of walls and floors, and then rebuilding will commence.

So yes, we will be in our caravan for the next 11 months or more, just not where we expected.

I should add that Tim and I were both unharmed. We had our phones in our pockets but didn’t have time to get anything else. The two cats escaped, although one is slightly traumatised. They both went to the vet to be sedated and washed, but they are ok.

Until our next adventure.

Helen and Tim