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K’gari, Eurong.

Ten glorious days on the beautiful island of K’gari (Fraser Island)

Dingo cooling off in the ocean
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K’gari (Fraser Island)

For at least 5,500 years the Butchulla people have called their island home K’gari, meaning Paradise. 185 years ago it was named Fraser Island by Europeans when shipwreck survivors from the ‘Stirling Castle’ came ashore. In late 2021 the island was renamed K’gari.

Green turtle returning to sea at dawn. K’gari.
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Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park 4WD tracks, VIC

The Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park is a beautiful part of Victoria. We  have been camping and caravanning there for many years. What we have never done before is to follow any of the 4WD tracks which takes you away from the towns and into some of the more remote areas of the National Park. So we packed up our little dome tent and minimal camping supplies and headed along a tour route set out by 4WD Victoria.


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4WD Training, preparing for new adventures.

In preparation for our trip west in 2017, we did a 4WD training course through ‘Four Wheel Drive Victoria’, an umbrella organisation for all Victorian 4WD clubs. First day was theory, second was all practice. It was amazing, there were about 8 cars, all of us novices, most with bright new shiny 4WDs. The instructors sat in the car with each of us for the hazards. They covered the basics of a simple retrieval so we can help someone out of a bog. We learnt so much, it was fantastic. We drove through sand, mud, along a river, up steep hills doing an emergency stop and reverse. Even me who hates bumpy roads loved it. Looking forward to Gibb River Road and Bungle Bungles next year.