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Deep Creek National Park, South Australia

Such a beautiful place. No water, no electricity, no internet, no phone service, just kangaroos and echidnas and a few brazen magpies…. oh and a wonderful outdoor fire pit.We stopped here on our way home from Uluru while we caught up with family. We will definately come back in warmer weather, perhaps when the whales are passing by.

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Sunrise at Uluru, NT

Another wonderful day in this amazing land. Sunrise at Uluru (we could see Kata Tjuta in the distance) then a four and half hour walk around the base of Uluru.  Being able to read the stories of this ancient land by the aboriginal custodians, their traditions, values and beliefs, gave us a real connection to the spirit of this place. It was like walking through an ancient  cathedral,  such a sense of reverence, very humbling. Four and half hours is just not enough time.

On return to the camp site we watched traditional aboriginal dancing and learnt  the stories of those dances. We really dont want to leave, there is so much more to learn, explore and experience.image image image image image image image image

Day Four – Coober Pedy to Erldunda 490km (total 1694km) SA

Had a great time at Coober Pedy. Visited underground opal stores and an underground bar. Amazing construction. Also went noodling for opals  in big piles of dirt but didn’t find any. The weather has been kind, not hot but not too cold. There was no water available at the caravan park and showers cost 20c per 3 minutes. We bought water in the town to top up the van tanks. There was a set up similar to a petrol station but it only sold water. You put coins in the slot to get the water. There were a few other vans there getting water.





Day Three – Woomera to Coober Pedy, SA 374km (total 1280km)

Only one diesel stop between Woomera to Coober Pedy.

Woomera was so windy that  we struggled to get the annex up for Amy and Granny to sleep in. The town was meticulously maintained but deserted, almost like a ghost town, quite eerie. This is a picture of Tim at the Woomera Missile Park.