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Fishing at Hamelin Bay

We took our visitors to  Margaret River to see the stringrays at Hamelin Bay.  Further down the beach a crowd was gathering to watch a group of people circling something in the shallows. Thinking it was a beached whale or dolphin rescue, we went to join them.  It turned out to be a team of professional fishers landing a school of Western Australian Salmon they had netted.

Viewers are warned that some fish were harmed during the making of this film. Amateur fishers are also warned that they may suffer size-envy.

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Please Don’t Feed the Stingrays

As you know from our previous post “Hamelin Bay, WA, home to giant stingrays”, the stingrays at Hamelin Bay interact with people along the shore line, presumably because they are accustomed to being fed by them. Though not apparently enforced, the advice from the Parks and Wildlife Service varies from feed them fresh fish but not frozen bait to don’t feed them at all because they are getting fat.

Inspired by that, the following video is a sequence of skits made by (somewhat randomly) combining the better clips from our cameras with (silly) audio and visual effects.

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