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Batemans Bay and Surrounds. NSW

Batemans Bay is quite a large town with shopping plazas and stores a traveller might need, like Repco, Jaycar and a caravan accessories store. The Botantic Gardens and Mogo Zoo are not far away, and the town of Mogo, although only tiny,  pulls the tourists with its interesting array of shops.

We stayed at Pleasurelea Tourist Resort and Caravan Park, it was beautifuly kept but quite closely packed especially with children and after 5 nights we are glad to be leaving. Having said that we had lovely neighbours and enjoyed their company. There is a beach directly out front, across the road, which was nice for an afternoon swim to cool off.  Unfortunately it has a lot of seaweed, but we saw a stingray which was pretty exciting, considering I almost stepped on it. It’s a relatively easy 6k bike ride into the town, 3k is bike path along the beach front which is lovely. It feels less than 6k coming back as its mostly down hill with only one uphill climb.

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