Nowra and Surrounds, NSW

Staying at Nowra Show grounds was the perfect base camp to explored the surrounding areas. There are ample shady, powered sites with mains water. Being self contained is important as there is no shower and the toilet is 500 mtrs away, but there is a dump point.


The grounds are on the cliffs overlooking  Shoalhaven River. Near the camp area is Hanging Rock Lookout, the perfect place to sit with an afternoon drink and enjoy the view and watch the occasional thunderstorm roll by. There are many historic buildings in the grounds, the Memorial Gates were built in 1930 after the towns people raised money for a new hosptial which the government would not allow them to build so the money was used to design and build the memorial gates. A bike ride to the town centre takes less 5 minutes (all down hill) the trip back a lot longer. On Saturday there was a cricket match on the oval. If you have a self contained van, stay here, its fantastic.

Bens Walk leaves Hanging Rock look out and meanders for 5.5km along Nowra Creek.

Cambewarra Lookout  You can see the towers in the above photo of Tim at Hanging Rock Look out. Its the highest peak in the distance.

Barrengarry, awesome pies certainly not factory made, they also sold lots of local preserves,  malted milk shakes (which I haven’t seen around for years) and rows of lollies in big jars that added to the nostelgic atmosphere.

Kangaroo Valley. The little town of Kangaroo Valley is well worth a visit. Its small but has a bakery, icecreamery,  arts and crafts,  a few coffee shops and a bike path down to the Kangaroo river swimming hole where you can also rent kayaks. I would definatelly come back and stay here a while.

Can you see the line of butterflies in the photo with the path. They were delightful to watch.

Berry. Lots of cafes and restaurants, al fresco dining, streets adorned with umbrellas, dogs tied to chair legs, buskers; little arcades and back streets waiting to be explored. With a good mix of homewares, antiques, cafes, fashion stores, artisan bakeries, op shops, local fresh farm produce , an ice-creamery serving home made ice-cream (and oddly enough gelato) from a local dairy in an unusual variety of flavours,  and award winning sausages from the Berry Butchery, this is a town requiring a full days attention, especially on one of its many market days.

Gerringong Cemetery

Werri Beach Pool, Gerringong

We met another ‘newly retired adventurous’ couple on our tentative walk out to the sea pool and agreed unanimously the foolhardiness of entering due to the treacherous conditions of lashing waves crashing over the sides and the savage current coursing through the pool that would take out to sea anyone with a BMI under 25 (not that any of us would be at risk). My own personal fear, which I did not share, was that some poor unsuspecting shark would find itself washed into the pool and there we would be, face to face, not sure who was in the worst predicament.

As the four of us lamented our much longed for swim, and consoled each other with how lovely it would be on a sunny day when the sea was calm, and older lady walked past on the arm of her daughter, put down her towel and got into the pool as one would get into a Radox bath after an exhausting day. We were all silent… although I think inside everyones head there was a lot of noise. One by one each of the others got in, I kept a look out for sharks. No one lasted more than a few seconds due to the water being below freezing point, no one that is except Therese. Therese, these pictures are for you, you inspired us all in many ways. I hope you find your way to this blog successfully and I look forward to meeting you in the Werri Beach Pool next time we visit. (ps, all these photos are in colour, even if they look black and white)

Werri Beach and Lagoon join during very high tides, all other times via a concrete pipe near the cliff face. Meet Marvin, the most joyful dog I have ever met.

Seven Mile Beach, Gerroa

Murrays Beach, Booderee National Park, ACT (I didn’t know the ACT owned a beach front until now) This is Jervis Bay, lots and lots of dophins swam past.

Cape St George Lighthouse, Booderee National Park, ACT. Built in 1860 it was constructed 5 miles from its intended spot and and after a lot of controversy and ship wrecks it was decommission 38 years later.  In 1898 a new light house was built at Point Perpendicular. However Cape St George continued to cause navigational problems especially on moonlit nights when the golden sandstone tower glowed in the dark.  Explosives were used to reduce the tower to rubble.  From 1917 to 1922 it was unceremoniously used for target practice by the Royal Australian Navey.

Booderee Bontanic Gardens, Booderee National Park, ACT.


Wollongong has two rock pools, both under the main light house, both fenced off to the public. One was deep and being fill by the tide, it looked lovely but to get to it meant climbing over a fence and walking down a steep dirt path. It was a popular spot for young ones to hang out. If you look closely at the last two photos you can see where the boys jump into the ocean, then ride the waves to land on the wall of the rock pool. It looked terrifyingly exciting and I can completly understand the temptation. If I was 40 years younger I would have been down there too.

Kiama Lighthouse, Blow Hole and Rock Pool This rock pool was much more our style, wonderful to swim in, we tried out our new snorkles and goggles which are great. I hadnt realized how many rock pools there are on the coast.

This little fellow wandered in for a visit when we got home.


Farewell Nowra, heading for Morton National Park.