Byron Bay, NSW

When we came to Byron Bay four days ago, we weren’t sure what to expect. Prices are quite high, especially for accommodation, but the town is colourful and alive, I found it a real joy just to stroll down the streets. There are lots of international back packers around, a few buskers, lots of young families and some grey nomads. The beaches are beautiful, the water amazingly blue and crystal clear, the best we have seen so far and glorious to swim in. Our caravan park on Clarkes Beach was very pleasant. A few too many bush turkeys though. One young guy was yelling at them because they had just eaten all his bananas.

We did have one little misadventure. We were told the rocks at Wategos Beach are great for snorkelling. There were two others out snorkelling so we headed for them. Unfortunately we hadn’t realised how strong the current around the point was and found ourselves unable to swim against it back to the beach. We had the choice of heading for the rocks with the waves crashing on them or trying to navigate around the point and hope the current took us onto the next beach. We headed for the rocks, mainly because the point was still some distance off. The waves helped get us onto the shore a little too well, I lost my snorkel and a bit of skin, but apart from a few bruises we were fine. Having to walk back on the hot sharp rocks in bare feet was not fun. Lesson learnt, we wont be snorkelling near a surf beach again. I have just realized that when we got to the rocks we didnt see the other snorkellers, not sure where they went. But we did see lots of fish.

This is Wategos Beach and the rocks on the far side.


We are now on the way to Brisbane for a couple of weeks to catch up with family and friends, have the van serviced and go to the dentist (I broke a tooth, but not on the rocks).

Cheers for now

Helen and Tim