Cairns, Green Island, Qld

We left Cairns over a week ago, but have been in the jungle (Cape Tribulation) with out internet so this is a little late. I will post the jungle story soon.

Cairns is surrounded by sugar cane farms. They have just started harvesting.


The first two days in Cairns were sunny but windy. The rest of visit was not only wet but the clouds so low the tops of the mountains were always covered. For our wedding anniversary we went to the Cairns High School musical, ‘Good Work If You Can Get It’, WOW, there are some amazingly talented young people here. It was fantastic!

The beach is not suitable for swimming due to crocodiles and stingers, so the foreshore has a large pool which goes right up to the sand, you can see the ocean on the other side. Apart from the pool area, the rest of the foreshore seemed a little ‘unloved’ as did the rest of the town, lots of empty shops. Very different to Townsville which was so beautiful.

The van park we stayed in, Cool Waters, is out of the city, the gardens beautifully kept and the creek full of small fish and turtles.

We visited Green Island before the rain set in.  Only one beach on Green Island was opened due to the high wind and rough sea. The wind at the end of the jetty was fierce. We tried snorkelling off the beach but the ocean was stirred up making it difficult to see anything.

The glass bottom boat was a hoot, bobbing around on the waves. We saw lots of turtles and some enormous fish which the guide tossed food to, causing quite a sight.


Helen and Tim