THe Big Lap Takes a Detour

It was timely that we did our Great Barrier Reef snorkelling trip at Port Douglas when we did because, shortly afterwards, THe Big Lap took an unexpected detour southward.

The day we got back to Cairns from Port Douglas, Helen was diagnosed with a detached retina by the excellent staff at Cairns Base Hospital’s Emergency and Ophthalmology departments.  We flew to Brisbane the next day and Helen had surgery that evening.

Fortunately it was detected and repaired when it was “only” partially detached and so far the results are encouraging; unfortunately the recovery is slow and not conducive to travel or significant activity. We will be in and around Brisbane for the next couple of months, expecting to resume THe Big Lap in early September. Meanwhile, with the whale watching season now here, we hope to bring you some blowing and breaching from the lookouts at Byron Bay and Stradbroke Island.


-Tim & Helen.