Homer’s Happy Holiday, Cowes, Phillip Island, Vic

Homer, our Jack Russell, is 15 years old, turning 16 this year, too old to leave in a kennel when we go away. So we decided to try him in the van for the first time and took him to Cowes on Phillip Island for 2 nights. Because he is completely deaf,  mostly blind, and has arthritis in his back, he spent his time enjoying short, slow walks, taking in all the smells and meeting lots of other dogs.

His ‘memory foam bed’ from home fitted perfectly in the shower recess of our van, making a very cosy bedroom. We showered in the amenities block.


Tim constructed a fence so Homer could go outside when he needed without wandering away.


He was not happy with the original bike trailer and kept trying to jump out. So we made some modifications, extended the area he can lay down on, added some extra comfortable padding and a matress and he now loves it, and he can’t get out even if he tries….. not yet anyway.


More Happy Homer Holidays to come.

Cheers, Helen Tim and Homer.