Portarlington, Vic, another shake down

Having spent two years living in our van while our house was rebuilt, we recently sent it for some long overdue upgrades, repairs and maintenance, the most significant being having the van raised.

We headed to Portarlington to test things out which also gave us the opportunity to spend time with our pseudo grand children.

The Portarlington Seaside Resort, which comes under  ‘Bellarine Bayside‘ management, is fabulous. It’s right on the waterfront, has  fabulous water views, an easy walk to the pier and the town,  and lots of things to entertain little ones. A great place for swimming and flying kites.

Had a great time at Geelong Adventure Park.

Our budding surfer got to try out her new boogie board at Ocean Grove.

Another fabulous place we would recommend visiting is Eastern Beach Reserve In Geelong. There’s a large shark-fenced area (8 acres apparently) to swim in which is patrolled by lifeguards and has diving boards,  pontoons and a large diving tower. We spent several hours swimming to the pontoons and jumping in. There is also a children’s pool, free to public and also patrolled by lifeguards. All this was built in the 1930s, then revamped in the 1990s. There’s the beautiful old  steam driven, hand-carved wooden Carousel constructed in 1892, one of only 200 in operation around the world. There is also two Thomas the Tank Engines that travel along the esplanade allowing you to get on and off at various places to explore and are very comfortable for adults as well as children. There’s  bungee trampolines, great eateries, several large lawned areas and some excellent playgrounds. Oh, and camels.

And, of course, we went to Portarlington Pub for some very yummy Portarlington Mussels.

Until next time.

Helen and Tim xo