Horizontal Falls, WA

The Horizontal Falls are amazing.

Our trip from Broome to Derby took quite a bit longer than we anticipated. A semi-trailer with two trailers of cattle caught fire on the Great Northern Hwy, blocking the road in both directions. Thankfully, the driver and the cattle were not harmed but the prime mover was destroyed (ABC Report).

From Derby we did a tour of the Horizontal Falls. A sea plane took us from Derby to Talbot Bay. Here are some pics of this amazing landscape from the air.

This is barramundi farm in one of the bays.

And these are the Horizontal Falls from the air.

We landed at the pontoon/floating tourist centre on Talbot Bay.

From the pontoon/floating tourist centre we boarded the boat (powered by 3x 300hp outboards) to cross the Horizontal Falls and tour the bays in the area. These are the bays.

Previously known as The Gaps, the Horizontal Falls were renamed after David Attenborough described them as water falling horizontally. We will leave it to him explain how it works in this BBC Documentary. We went through before lunch when the tide was coming in, and after lunch when the tide was going out.


At the pontoon we had a wonderful lunch of barramundi and then went swimming in a cage while they fed the sharks on the ocean side. They were Tawny Nurse Sharks and about five turned up for feeding along with one Bull Shark and several other big fish.

We are back in Derby now where we will leave the van and head along the Gibb River Road for the next two weeks, so you won’t be hearing from us for a while.

cheers til next time, Helen and Tim.