Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Danggu Geikie Gorge WA

We arrived back in Derby from Purnululu/Bungle Bungle to collect our caravan from the Kimberly Entrance Caravan Park, do some washing and stock up on supplies. The people running the park are lovely.

The Boab Prison Tree, just outside Derby was used as a holding cell on route to the Derby prison.

The Derby Jetty is a popular place to watch the sunset, truly stunning. We had fish and chips at the Jetty Cafe while watching the sunset.

Leaving Derby we headed for Fitzroy Crossing. The roads in this area pass through many unfenced cattle properties, as is common in the outback. This car and bull didn’t have a pleasant outcome.

Fitzroy River Lodge Caravan Park doesn’t take bookings but they have plenty of space. They water the lawn, probably just to help the Agile Wallabies survive. They were so hungry that during the night they actually started eating the cardboard box we had outside, so sad.

With the temperature over 35°C, we opted for the one hour river cruise to see Danggu Geikie Gorge. Can you see the white notes on the beam stating the flood levels of various years. The top one says that in 1993 and 2002 the flood level was two metres above the roof. Considering we walked down a path to the river from here, it’s hard to imagine that much water.

The gorge is part of the Devonian Reef we had seen in Windjana Gorge.

These are the nests of the Fairy Martin, a type of swallow common in this area.  They build their mud nests under overhangs over water. The ranger taking the tour told us they always seem to know how high the flood waters will be for the forthcoming wet season, and because they have built so close to the water this year they fear it might be another dry wet season, the third in a row.

Lots of fresh water crocodiles and Darter birds.

The sandstone cliffs of the gorge are cleaned each year by the flood waters of the wet season, thus the change of colour half way up.

Cheers til next time Helen and TIm.