Litchfield National Park, NT

Litchfield National Park has so many beautiful swimming spots.

We stayed at Wangi Falls campground, which is  right next to the falls and its beautiful swimming area plus a café. There was no water, power, Internet or phone service but there were showers and toilets. There is a communal fire pit, which looked good if there hadn’t been total fire bans.

Wangi Falls are spring fed and water falls all year round into a glorious swimming hole.

Fires had devastated Litchfield and surrounding areas over the past few weeks. Some of the hiking tracks were closed but we were still able to visit a number of amazing places.

The Magnetic Termite Mounds.

Greenant Creek and Tjaetaba Falls has an infinity plunge pool at the top from which the water drops straight down the falls.

Florence Falls.

Shady Creek Walk follows Florence Creek from the falls to Buley Rockhole.


Buley Rockhole, is one of several rockholes along the Florence Creek.

Tolmer Falls Lookout, also recently opened after the fires. The falls and creek are home to the rare Orange Leaf-nosed Bats and Ghost Bats.

The Lost City had only just re-opened after fires. This burnt out termite mound (built around a log) looked like an oven.

The Lost City really does look like the ancient ruins of a city.


The Cascades.

Previously, at the caravan park in Darwin, we had been bitten by something very small like mites or midgies. On arriving in Litchfield they were much worse. We were never able to see what was bitting us, but there were lots of them. Tropical strength Aeroguard did nothing at all and Stingose didn’t do anything for the itching that almost sent me crazy day and night.  Even though we were both bitten, mine seemed to welt up and form blisters, which remained itchy for days. So we headed into the little town of Batchelor and found some Bushman Repellent  with DEET and some Itchfix which worked immediately. DEET is recommended by the Northern Territory Government to prevent being bitten by the Scrub Typhus Mite, which is prevalent  in Litchfield NP, although we didn’t find that out until after we had arrived.

Heading back to Darwin to stock up on supplies, do some washing and then head to Kakadu. Cheers til next time. Helen and Tim.