1770, Qld

It is still harvest season for the sugar growers; cane fields continued down the coast of Queensland. Of the 24 sugar mills in Australia, the majority  are in Queensland, with five in New South Wales.

We stopped overnight in Rockhampton, walked to the local pub for dinner and Tim won a meat tray raffle LOL. Not sure what the origin of meat tray raffles in pubs is.

1770, the only town I know that has a number for a name, was originally called Round Hill after the creek on which it lies, but was changed 49 years ago, in 1970, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lieutenant James Cook’s landing there.

The 1770 campground has a reputation for being crowded with the sites too close together. Although this was true and there wasn’t a lot of privacy, we found it very relaxed – everyone was super friendly and lots of communal chats and banter which was really nice. Quite a different atmosphere to most caravan parks. We would definitely come back again. It’s right on the beach and we could see the water from our van, only about 50m away.

It was great being able to walk to the beach for a swim every day. And there’s a cafe right next to the campground.

We rode our bikes into Agnes Waters. Just over 14 km round trip on a fabulous bike path with only one steep hill – the rest was flat.

The creek at Agnes Waters  is drying up, with lots of dead rotting fish. The smell was horrendous and could be smelt all the way into town.  So glad we didn’t stay at the caravan park there, which as it happened was only because it was booked out.

But the surf at Agnes Waters is fantastic, and there are surf life savers. The onshore sea breeze meant there was no smell of dead fish on the beach.

Heading south. Cheers til next time,  Helen and Tim