Amity Point, North Stradbroke Island, Qld.

Beautiful Amity Point on North Stradbroke Island.

We previously stayed on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerrebah) in March and again in September 2015. It’s a beautiful place and a short vehicular ferry ride from Cleveland near Brisbane. Water taxis also travel every hour from the town of Dunwich (Goompi)  to the main land.

Minjerrebah Camping’s campground at Amity Point (Pulan) is quiet, has a lovely beach with swimming area and jetty.

Dolphins visit the jetty each day.

There were several koalas in the trees near our caravan.

Walking distance from our camp was Rufus King Seafood. Their trawler would go out every few days and bring back delicious local seafood — fish, crabs, prawns, Moreton Bay bugs and lobsters. They also get oysters from Moreton Island (Mulgumpin).

North Stradbroke Island is the second largest sand island in the world — Fraser Island, which is approximately 400 km north, is the largest.  Being a sand island, erosion is evident on all the  beaches, in particular the northern most beach between Amity Point and Flinders Beach. On this stretch the forest meets the ocean.

The walk around North Gorge at Point Lookout (Mulumba) has views of Main Beach, which stretches for 38km along the eastern side of the island. We saw a squadron of manta rays in the surf.

The 1.5km gorge walk loops around North Gorge, which is home to lots of turtles.

The chef at the Island Fruit Barn Cafe in Dunwich is Kieron Anderson, the director of Yalabin Dining, which offers private dining experiences incorporating native foods foraged from Mr Anderson’s countries of connection, ancient aboriginal cooking techniques and flavours from across Australia. Focusing on culture, native foods and ancient cooking techniques, he has gained valuable knowledge from his Elders, family members and the Minjerribah people.

Kieron’s  Aunty is Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, a prominent First Nations artist with a studio on the island. Delvene is the designer of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 Prizewinners Medals, Commemorative Medal and the large inflatable Migalu, which featured in the Opening Ceremony.

Myora springs discharges approximately 2.4 million litres of fresh water per day. It is one of the many fresh water springs on the island.

Next to Myora Springs is the site of the Myora Aboriginal Mission which operated from 1892−1940.

The annual Oyster Festival was held at Dunwich while we were there.

Cheers til next time, Helen and Tim