Broken River Platypus, Eungella National Park

Heading south from Mission Beach we went in search of platypus in Broken River.

Getting there

Travelling through sugar cane fields being harvested.

An overnight stop at Gathalungra rest area.

Then we came to the very steep, windy and narrow road up the Clarke Range. Towing the caravan made the steep incline, hairpin bends and large trucks coming from the other direction absolutely terrifying, as well as the sheer drop when I dared to look out my window. (I was too frightened to take photos on the way up, so these are from the way down.)

But Tim is a good driver and got us to the top with only a few minor issues. Leaving a cupboard door opened didn’t help.

Broken River Bush Camp

Broken River Day area


The plural of platypus has been long-established in the English speaking world as platypuses. The plural form platypi is accepted by Latinists, scientists and fans of quirky words.

Platypus diving, Broken River


Bush walk from camp ground

Heading Home

Our first overnight stop was at Kershaw Gardens Rockhampton. Unlike the lovely botanical gardens next door, the free overnight stop was a dust bowl (no photos).

A coffee and dump stop at the Boyne River (Benaraby) rest area.

Our secound overnight stop was at the historic Tiaro Hideaway Station Hotel. Built in 1881 it has the biggest frangipani tree we have ever seen, apparently 150 years old.

Tiaro Hideaway Station Hotel

Cheers til next time

Helen & Tim